STRABAG focuses on digital employee development with Sharpist

STRABAG focuses on digital employee development with Sharpist
Vienna, Austria
STRABAG focuses on digital employee development with Sharpist

As a European technology partner for construction services, STRABAG is a leader in innovation and capital strength.

Like many companies, STRABAG is in the midst of digital transformation. In order to secure and expand its position as a market leader and pioneer, the company has identified the strategic development of managers for the digital age as a key issue. The requirement for the further development measures was that not only the content but also the method of professional learning should be in line with the digital zeitgeist. For this reason, STRABAG decided to integrate Sharpist’s results-oriented digital learning platform.


Strengthen leadership competencies of STRABAG employees
STRABAG focuses on digital employee development with Sharpist


Following the introduction of a pilot phase in which STRABAG division and management heads were offered the opportunity to use Sharpist's digital coaching and further development services, extraordinary interest in the service was shown within a short period of time.

During the subsequent roll-out of the digital coaching offer for all management levels, more than 500 managers in Germany, Austria, and five other countries took part in Sharpist's digital development offer between October 2019 and December 2020. Most participants used the digital learning platform and individual coaching to develop their leadership skills (20 percent), while another 12 percent of participants focused on crisis and change management in their individual development. The topics of self-reflection (10 percent) and effective communication were also in demand for developing their own leadership skills. In total, more than a thousand coaching sessions have already been used via the Sharpist learning platform. Hundreds of hours have been spent completing additional self-learning tasks via the Sharpist learning app.

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We use Sharpist "e-business coaching" at STRABAG because we had very good experiences with it in the pilot project. Thanks to the global network of executive coaches, we can offer this service to our managers at all levels and in most Group countries - and this "sparring" is now very much appreciated.

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Dr. Günter Senoner
Former Head of Human Resource Development

Digital employee development works.

Results on collaboration with coaches also show that digital offerings, like Sharpist's, are in no way inferior to face-to-face coaching sessions.


satisfied with their Sharpist coach


find that their coach helped them achieve their defined goals


recommend coaching with Sharpist to their colleagues

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